Congratulations to the following Killian Middle School Band students who successfully auditioned and were selected for the 2022-2023 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 2 Honor Bands.

Nearly 1200 students from TMEA Region 2 auditioned and competed for only a handful of spots in one of four elite ensembles. Students were required to play major scales, their full chromatic scale, two prepared etudes, and sight-reading. Percussion students were required to play a snare and mallet etude along with two sight-readings.

Killian had 41 students make the All-Region band this year! Additionally, we had two students earn the highest score in their instrument section and therefore were awarded first chair.

Congratulations to the following students:

Mackenzie Killian*
Anna Marchand
Wafa Jailani
Rhea Ravindran
Catherine Rice

Axel Angelot
Charlie Hardin
Kambelle Kotrla
Laila Galloway
Justin Kim
Allison Diaz

Bass Clarinet
Olivia Rainwater

Emaan Lodhi
Maria Paz Molnar

Alto Saxophone
Gideon Etufugh*
Shruti Jayakumar
Yohan Park

Tenor Saxophone
Siddharth Tripathi
Bishop Moon
Chase Rasmuson

Baritone Saxophone
Joe Binil*

Isabella Saez*
Ethan Aujin Han
Joowon Jun

French Horn
Sara Gibler
Kira Vorhaben

Jacob Tran*
Yuvaan Rallapally
Connor Durrant
Connor Marchetti

Eastin Baker
Joel Chang
Zaid Roshan
Maya Patel

Landon Westlake
Sanjana Rajagopalan

Colin Enger
Atulith Pochiraju
Michael Wise
Daylen Sy
Shubh Cherry

* denotes 1st chair player / students are listed in rank order

Bravo to all the students for working so hard and to Mr. Trevor Ousey and Ms. Jenna Lenhard for their commitment to the program. Additionally, the Killian Middle School band appreciates the support and teaching from Mr. Ben Koch and the team of private lesson instructors for their help and support along the way.

These students will join the other Honor Band members from around the region and participate in the TMEA All-Region Honor Band clinic and concert in December 2022.