Congratulations to the following Killian Middle School Band 7th & 8th grade students who successfully auditioned and were selected for the 2023-2024 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-Region Honor Bands.

This past Wednesday and Saturday, over 1700 students from 31 middle schools auditioned and competed for only a handful of spots in one of four elite ensembles. Students were required to play major scales, their full chromatic scale, two prepared etudes, and sight-reading. Percussion students were required to play snare, mallet, and timpani etudes, along with sight reading.

Killian had 46 students make the All-Region band this year! Additionally, we had three students earn the highest score in their instrument section and, therefore, were awarded first chair. Also, Killian had the largest number of students make the All-Region band out of all competing middle schools.

The All-Region Honor Band distinction is the highest individual honor a middle school musician can achieve. These students represent some of the finest band students in the entire state of Texas.

Congratulations to the following students:

Catherine Rice
Rhea Ravindran
Akshata Poduri
Jennifer Kim
John Lee
Isabelle Mathew

Ysabela Hautea
Eliza Rouche

Vishaka Jayram

Justin Kim
Landon Bonner
Claire Vo

Bass Clarinet
Mason Vo
Caden Suggs
David Odionkhere

Alto Saxophone
Yohan Park*
Zayaan Aziz
Maya Anoop

Tenor Saxophone
Bishop Moon*

Bari Saxophone
Joe Binil*

Joowon Jun
Dresden Kosbab
Nikhil Chekuri
Saavin Sheth

French Horn
Caroline Bernhisel
Nelise Colon
Nysa Rimmalapudi
Austin Evans
Nyla Sheth

Aditya Zanzaria
Knox Keeney

Ashna Daniels
Maya Patel
Blake Canter
Anggress Parameswaran
Gavin Leng

Molly Sharma
Vikram Patel

Atulith Pochiraju
Daylen Sy
Aarav Cherry
Alphons Augustine
Ryan Joe
Shubh Cherry
Michael Wise
Dylan Varkey

* denotes 1st chair player
students are listed in rank order