Join the Band

Learn more about our AWARD WINNING band program!

Instrument Screenings are happening soon!

Participate in fun social activities and field trips!

The band goes on several trips every year, including bowling, laser tag, pizza parties, theme parks, and a trip to the Meyerson Symphony Center! Additionally, band students participate in several social activities throughout the year.

Meet new people, make new friends, and join our family!

You will get to meet tons of other band students. Some of those students might even be in your other classes! Band is the largest Fine Arts organization at Killian Middle School.

Compete and earn awards and recognition!

Band students have the opportunity to perform in concerts and full band competitions, plus participate in individual and group competitions in a variety of locations. Many of our band students earn awards and recognition based on their playing!

Learn different musical styles!

As a band student, you will have the opportunity to learn different styles of music, such as classical, rock, pop, jazz, and folk music.

Have fun every day!

Each day you will work with your teachers and friends to make music on your instrument. You will make many friendships that will last throughout high school and beyond.

Use new and innovative technology!

Are you a person who enjoys using technology while you learn? We use technology on a daily basis in band class, and will teach you how to use cool apps and software while playing your instrument.

Learn a lifelong skill!

Learning to play an instrument is a skill that will last a lifetime. Be a part of an activity that will give you many years of enjoyment.

No experience necessary!

We start from the beginning. Even if you have never played an instrument or don’t know how to read music, we will teach you everything you need to know.